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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

craving for new look!

try out this new fishtail braid.its simple and charming

1.divide your hair into two equal parts.

2.start a fishtail braid by pulling 1/2 inch of your hair from right side and join it to the left parting taken earlier.

3.repeat this by taking a left one and join to the right parting.

4.continue puicking up small sections of hair until you reach the end of your hair. it with elastic band.

p.s remember to redirect your hair on whichever side you want to lay it.
hello girls,enough of me writing of about love and sharing my love poems[absolutely original copies].now its time for a change,no more drooling,no more being in love..its party time..this time its gonna be totally a girlsshouldcheckout blog!!

who is gonna run the world??we girls!!

Food of the gods

Hail to chocolates girls!!
My acquitances used to scold me for eating loads of chocolate,despite knowing the goodness
of it.Why do girls go mad over chocolates?
Is it a symbol of love?Hahaha it was never regarded as a symbol of love back then but now..all boyfriends are ought to buy their girlfriends chocolate.Am i wrong?If yes do correct me.
Chocolates are a must to me!They are just beautiful and magical.
Try this girls.Buy your favourite bar of chocolate and open the wrapper.Smell it,lick it,take a small bite.Close your eyes and let them melt in your mouth.The savoury taste of it will automatically trigger your nerves and hormones,let it be any nerves or hormones.
Chocolates can be the best stimulant for sexual arousal and you better eat one before making love.
Arios babez..have fun eating chocolates.

Friday, January 29, 2010

my love

the very moment u said 'I LOVE YOU'
i din't hav any feelings for u,
but as days pass by,
as i realised ur true love,
i began loving u frm deep inside,
feel like wan 2 talk 2 u al day long,
feel like want 2 hold ur hands n neva wanna let go,
its al becoz my love is true 2 u!!!!!


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

me n my frens


naomy,kowsalya,pavit n esther....hehe posing fr photo!!

pavit n esther

Friday, July 10, 2009

moments in my life

when the moment i saw u,

i felt beautiful,

when the moment i spoke to u,

i have lost my words,

when the moment ur hand touched mine,

i became numb,

when the moment i loved u,

i was reborn again,

when the moment u kissed my lips,

my lips felt so glossy,

when i'm in ur hugs,

i now noe the reason y i was born.....